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 The Year Has Begun

Well folks, we have just completed our first four shows of the year, and what a great run it has been. We first headed off to Shakori Hills in May and had a great time with many friends as usual. Then in late May we returned to the MSU show which got pretty soaked on Saturday. From there on to Delfest which was great as usual in so many ways. Probably some of the best music anywhere on the festival circuit. Last stop for June was Nelsonville, with a new spot to do business, and as usual everyone treated us so wonderfully. The last three shows were one of the first 3 week in a row runs we've done, and it was pretty exhausting, but now we are getting ready for a bit of vacation and then back to work in July. Looking forward to another trip to Port Austin, Blissfest, and then back to Grassroots in Trumansburg. Should be fun. Come visit us.


Kat has certainly been busy. Here is yet another work that was originally done on canvas. We are making prints in various sizes and will have them at our shows. As always, we never know how much you folks out there will like a picture, so we do our best to have enough prints. If you want to be sure there will be one for you at a show, email us at and we will set one aside for you with no obligation. You can see Pizzazz below with a couple other of her newest works.


Yet another new work from Kat has appeared. She just finished it about a week ago and we have it here for you to take a peek at now. We are starting out with just 3 sizes, but may add a larger one if folks seem interested. This is another one like Dream Lake and Genesis that is pen and ink on canvas. We will be showing it for the first time at Shakori in just a couple weeks, so if you are coming to Shakori and want one, just let us know and we'll have it set aside for you. We have a special address for email from the website which is . That way we'll know it came from the website and give it priority treatment.


If you look down where Kat's three newest pictures are, you will see Silverbird. Kat has indeed been busy this winter and this piece is already getting plenty of attention. We will have it at our shows this year and you can learn a bit more about it at our Facebook page for Katzinn Illustrations. She has another new one in the works as well as just getting started on Virgo, so there will be loads of new things to see when you visit us this year.

Visit Us on Facebook

Yes - at last there is a Facebook page for Katzinn Illustrations. You can find us by clicking here. We've just started the page, and we're busy getting ready for the Flint Art Fair, but we will start to show off some of Kat's work there and keep you posted on shows and what Kat's working on. Check it out.

A Note About Frames

We have checked and our frame supplier still offers better prices than anyplace else we can find. We use and we encourage you to check them out. You can save a lot by just ordering frames and buying glass locally. We don't use glass because it doesn't ship well, and weighs more than plexi. Just so you know - we used to make about $2 per frame profit, but now we are making less than $1 per frame. Bottom line is that we encourage you to purchase matted goods and frame them yourself, but we will continue to make framed goods available. We want happy customers.


Note About Sizes

For the first time in 20 years of doing business, we had a question come up about the sizes that we quote on the website. Just so you all know - so there is no confusion - SIZES LISTED ON THE WEBSITE ARE FRAME SIZES. That means that if you order a 12x24 matted picture, the mat will be be 12x24 and the print will be smaller. We allow 2"-3" per side for most mattings. If you want to know the image size for a print you are considering, you can email and we'll get back to you with the information as soon as possible. Of course, if we're at a show it might take a bit longer. If the print is framed as well, the frame will be the same size as the mat. We thought all this was obvious, but apparently it isn't. 


Orders from Overseas

We have had several orders lately from outside the US and unfortunately PayPal does not offer a way for us to handle shipping on those orders. We have now changed our settings, so that payments from outside the US will not be accepted. BUT WAIT! We still would be glad to ship Katzinn items to you wherever you may be. What we would like for you to do, is to email us at and let us know what you are interested in purchasing. We can then calculate exact shipping and offer you some options on how to get it to you. After we are all agreed, we will send you a PayPal invoice and temporarily change the setting to allow your payment through from the invoice. I know it sounds complicated, but we just went through the process with a customer from Wales and it all went pretty smoothly. We have also suggested to PayPal that they work on a way to have calculated shipping, which would resolve this problem.



Here are some of the newest pictures that Kat has finished. If you click on the pictures you will get to their sell pages where you can order them now. 



Frames Frames Frames

We mention to so many folks the great frame supplier we use - so here is the link to their site. It is  . They have great selection, super prices and very fast service. They are the best we've found for all your framing needs.

News/Schedule - Updated 1/30/2017

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2017 Schedule

This list shows only confirmed shows.

May 4-7        Shakori Hills Grassroots Festival of Music and Dance    Pittsboro NC

May 20-21    MSU UAB Events Arts & Craft Show  East Lansing MI

May 25-28    10th Annual Delfest  Cumberland MD

Jun 1-4        Nelsonville Music Festival  Nelsonville OH

Jul 1-2          Port Austin MI

July 7-9        37th Annual Blissfest  Harbor Springs MI

July 20-23    Finger Lakes Grass Roots Festival of Music & Dance  Trumansburg NY

Aug 5-6        Tawas Bay Waterfront Fine Arts Festival  Tawas City MI

Aug 26-27    Elmwood Avenue Festival of the Arts  Buffalo NY

Sep 2-3         Art In The Park  Port Austin MI

Sep 8-10        44th Annual Wheatland Music Festival  Remus MI

Sep 16-17     49th Annual Fallasburg Arts Festival  Lowell MI

Oct 5-8        Shakori Hills Grassroots Festival of Music and Dance  Pittsboro NC

Nov              Flushing Women's Club Christmas Show  Flushing MI

Find our 2016 schedule here